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Simple Water Simulation

Der Unterschied zwischen version 1 und version 1:

This is an example of an easy water-simulation. The algorithm is fast and stable and looks like water - not perfect, but it fits my needs.

Just move the mouse over the applet:

[{Applet code='WaveApplet' archive='WaveApplet.jar'}]

It is just a 2D Version, but it is easy to extend it to 3D as you can see in [Jopulous].

! SourceCode

* [Java-SourceCode|WaterApplet.SourceCode]

! Description

A physical and mathematical description will follow, but the main idea is to use a height-field of seperated water columns and to calculate the pressure and the amount of water flowing between direct neighbour columns. The runtime is O(n) where n is the number of columns.

The base idea is to use Newton's second law of motion

[{Math fontsize='18'

F=\frac{dp}{dt}= \frac{d}{dt}(mv) =m\frac{dv}{dt}=ma

in a combination with Bernoulli's principle

[{Math fontsize='18'



| ''v'' | fluid velocity along the streamline
| ''g'' | gravitational constant
| ''y'' | elevation in the direction of gravity
| ''P'' | pressure along the streamline
| [{Math latex='\\rho' fontsize='8'}] | fluid density

The algorithm is far from beeing a realistic simulation, if you look at the following.


But with modern algorithms it is possible to get close to the original (sadly not in real time ;-):

* [Real Time Fluid Dynamics For Games|]
* [Animation and Rendering of Complex Water Surfaces|]
* [Towards Real-Time Visual Simulation of Water Surfaces|]
* [Controlling Fluid Animation|]
* [Rapid, Stable Fluid Dynamics for Computer Graphics|]
* [deep water simulation with DirectX9|]

And here an other naive algorithms like the one I use:

* [Rapid 2d Water|]


* Make it better by suppressing the unnatural high frequent waves. This could be done by adding some not-accelerated amount of the water differnece to the left and right direct neighbour columns.

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