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Katzengold Talent

Der Unterschied zwischen version 2 und version 1:

__''Autor: [The Wanderers Way]''__
Fool's Gold
\\Step: Rank + Willpower Step
\\Action: Yes
\\Requires Karma: No Strain: 1
\\The Fool's Gold talent allows the Mountebank to create visual
and aromatic illusions on top ofother objects. The illusions may be no
larger than the size of a troll, they can only have visual, taste, and smell
components, and they must conform to the shape of the items they are
enveloping. The Mountebank makes a Fool's Gold Test and the result
is the Difficulty Number to see through the illusion. To maintain an
illusion created with the Fool's Gold talent, the Mountebank must
have a line ofsight to the illusion. Un-maintained illusions will fade
after a number of minutes equal to the Mountebank's step in Fool's
Gold. Illusions created by Fool's Gold cannot directly cause damage,
although their effects may indirectly be quite harmful (making a rotted
rope appear whole, changing the words of a contract, or causing a rock
to look like a nugget of gold).
''Hier schon mal die englische Version, Übersetzung kommt bald. Ralf''

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