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Convincing Speech
\\Step: Step:>> Rank + Charisma Step
<<\\Action: Action:>> Sustained
<<\\Requires Requires>> Karma: No Strain: None
<<\\The The>> Convincing Speech talent uses a character's powerful voice to
arouse an audience to a basic emotion such as fear, love, hate, happiness,
anger, or joy. The audience directs the basic emotion at the subject of
the speech: If the character talks about a king, the audience feels the
emotion about the king.
<<\\The The>> character makes a Convincing Speech Test against the highest
Social Defense in the audience. The success level determines how many
members of the audience the character affects. An Average success
indicates that one-quarter ofthe audience is affected by the speech. A
Good success affects half the audience, an Excellent success affects
three-quarters, and an Extraordinary success means that the entire
audience is affected by the speech.
<<\\The The>> effects of the speech last a number of days equal to the
character's rank in Convincing Speech. During that time, affected
characters are more susceptible to suggestions related to the emotion of
the speech. Characters making such suggestions add 2 steps to any
Interaction Tests (see ED2, pg. 332). Characters making suggestions
counter to the Convincing Speech suffer -2 steps to Interaction Tests.
<<\\If If a character fails a Convincing Speech Test, the crowd is not
swayed by the speaker's words and the character may not use
Convincing Speech against members of that crowd for seven days.
Consecutive uses of the Convincing Speech Talent do not have a
cumulative effect.
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