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orokan is a human wizard of the 9. circle and a questor of mynbruje, the passion of thruth. Age 32, blue eyes, thin shape and has receding hair line with white hair, sometimes a little bit prim - not a model, but proud. He has no weapon, no tatoo, and his friends say that he's a little bit gutless. But he is on the side of thruth and wisdom, and he has learned a lot about himself and the world. He is wearing a simple robe with a high collar. As an amulet he wears a gray stone, the stone of Nakoros. The belive that this stone has magical power guided him as a child to become a wizard, but he hasn't found any magical access to it yet.



k is an ork warrior of the 9. circle and a shamane of the 6, brown eyes, and now he is getting a bit long in the tooth. He's often rude and sometimes a little bit aggressive, and he likes to enjoy life, but he's not a bad guy at all. Not the brightest brain, but not dump. He's strong and tall, and with the many scarfs everbody can imagine his long life fighting many horrors. He wears a big tooth necklet - from any beaten oponent he takes a tooth. He is bald but has bushy eye brows. He wears a big earring. His look is tough, but friendly. His passion is lochost, the passion of freedom, and he is proud to be an ork. His weapon is a axe, the axe of therat. He has blood pebbles over his body, his armor is a crystal ringlet over which he wears a fernweave, and a wooden shield at one arm. He wears magic bangles that strengths his resistance.



he's a T'Skrang, a perky nethermancer of the 9. circle, a pretty one, slim and elegant. She is proud. She loves sex and is doing some buiseness, leading an precious bagnio, and she has something of a harolt. But on the same time she has a dark beauty inside. She has some big magical tribal tatoos around her neck and wears silver rings and pircings. She has blood pebbles. She has green eyes and uses some make-up and wears a black, slim dress. She has one arm around trillian.

Felix Felsenschmeißer


elix is a very tall and heavy troll sky pirat of the 9. circle. Two horrors skined him, but he was mostly restored, so he is ugly, and his skin is a little bit wound around. He is famous for his unbeleavable steadfastness, or one could say he wastes no thought about the hight of his oponent. He has blood pebbles, over them a leather armor. Brown eyes and less black hair, and he has majestically horns, a stone sword, some blood amulets and a big wooden shield. If not in a fight then he is calm, friendly and sometimes even shy.



rillian is a prettily, female, elfish shooter of the 10th circle. Age: 35, size 1,74 m, weight 65 kg

generaly: small but soft, not sustained
Hairs: strawberry blond (orange), shoulder-length
Headband: simple small brown leather-ribbon with a little round greenstone (jade) small-bordered in metall (silver).
Eyes: dark brown, slightly almond-shaped
Skin: middle-brown with a little bit of green
Mouth: soft and small
Nose: slight snub nose


  • darkbrown quilted leather
  • green fern-netting
  • dark-green Sateen cape closed by an orange butterfly-brooch small-bordered in metall (silver)
  • brown-black buckskin skirt, length: short before knees
  • darkbrown laced jackboots (climbing boots) wrapped black at the end
  • black fine leather-gloves


  • magic queever, big and baroque; top back, slightly right
  • simple queever, small; down back, right
  • simple dagger right at the belt
  • magic long-bow: light wood, a bit baroque with a black ribbon in the middle (as handle) and little green and orange stones in the bows (as decoration)
  • elfish war-arrows

ring of accuracy: the metall-border looks a bit like a windmill, slightly baroque, a dark-red round (slightly oval) gem in the middle.
Amulet of Live made by Trillian for the whole group: round, wooden graven with dark leather-ribbon. Rises under the cape beneath the brooch.

Berian Nachtschleicher


erian is an elfen forest runner of the 9. circle. He is dark haired with a braid and has brown latin skin (like el maratschi with antonio banderas). Normally he is calm, but in some situations he just explodes. He is a charmeuer. 6 feet tall and a weight of 75 kg. Distinctive chin, wirily, no beard, dark eyes, with 60 years as an elf like a human in his 20. He wears fernweave and a olive green coat with ebony wild leather trousers, wild leather boots and a wide chemise with leather straps. He wears bangles, his weapon is a crystal axe, and a long bow. He has a wooden amulet around the neck and a magic ring. He holds Trillian in his arm.

Liar Grünweg


iar is a human troubadour of the 8. circle and a horror hunter of the 5. Blond hair and green eyes. He wears red and blue clothes like a papal swiss guard but no hut. He wears a band over his chest which holds some things: a flute, a bugle and a dagger on the side, an axe on the back, and some bags and pockets. His philosophy is "I am it", he makes the show and puts himself in the focus. Middle tall, 30 years old. He is laughing and holds a beer in the hand.

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