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Krasse Hacker

Autor: Sebastian

Big Hall Of Fame Of Hackers

You are big hacker from best country in all of world turkey or china or kasachstan? And you shit on big evil web pages of Microsoft, NSA and Earthdawn-Wiki? Yes, you are welcome. Please tell us that you are exists. Here, we will give you the honour you need. Enjoy.

Top Ten of People have Hacking this Side

1. Dylebron

Dylebron is Hacker Master from Turkey. Dylebron is able to upload files to every Wiki that needs no login. Dylebron is able to use Frontpage. Honor him, Master of evil.


2. Botty

I call him botty, cause sadly he only used crazy names like bNsUMxkcyEByJtEb or pxCawpstGnhbCI, so I call him botty. Botty used botnet and can write little bot skript to hurt us. He is not great programmr but ugly botnet master. We seem to be much famous now because botnet fight us. What will come next? A-Bomb? People, listen, we are only little web page :-) no need to use A-Bomb.

But Botty is nice cause of what he is writing about ur wiki: "Great article, thank you again for wrtiing." :-)

And Botty is spreading his love over all internet, google for "What a neat atricle. I had no inkling." and you find 6.760 other little wiki and forums like ours.

3. Borat

Borat, we know you. And we know you wanna hack us. As soon as you have your own computer. Yes, we saw your movie...


4. SnL_ayaz_

SnL_ayaz_ hat a great name, and he can use Notepad. Well done.


5. Ulkucu micro crazy

Ulkucu - a new star on the hacker firmament or the king of an ancient mystery country? No, a turk, what else. Respekt, and döner, cause this guy shows that hackers are not sleeping, they are learning fast, this one was first who created wiki page of his own, just read what he wrote in his own lyrics:



Netex is not a new window cleaning lotion, it's a hacker. He clicked edit on the main page and left his name. Is this a new level of evilness? Editing the Main page directly?

7. OavWMs

OavWMs made very aggressive hacks: He edited left menu! Is this sad truth of evolution? Your enemies are getting better each time. Because of higher intelligence maybe this is not landsman of dylebron, and I can only guess it is pour kid from china, forced to work 20 hours a day as human spam bot.

8. h43l rac3

h43l rac3, or r2d2, can make attachement on a free wiki and can write little javascript animation and upload attachement on free wiki - but where is hack? And for your "copyrighted" javascript ... learn jquery!


9. Group Hp-Hack (22.7.2013)

0h n0, 7h3 w4r 0n 73rr0r h45 f1n4lly r34ch3d 34r7hd4wn w1k1!! A terrible group named Hp-Hack (maybe famous for getting a hp printer working after installing windows xp printer driver) from saudi arabia started evil war on terror on ur little wiki in the middle off the night when everyone was doing sleeping here and was not able to defend. They uploaded many attachements all night long and edited page after page by pressing edit button all night long, so it was tooking me annoying 5 minutes to revert this shit with a cryptic linux command (holy shit, can anyone remember all those flags for find?). And then they tried using terrible special code weapon script from!!! Oh no!! I guess I must be informing our german Innenminister Friedrich now, because this is looking like very big terroristik shit. As defense I do blocking all saudi arabia people from editing. Please forgive me, saudi arabia earthdawn players!

10. Team System Dz (3.2.2017)

Very special greetings to Algier and the famously NcProDz! It's a honor for us that even in 2017's attachement button is not forgotten, so our newest entry is "Hacked By Team System Dz, was here NcProDz, Hackers From Alger"! Guys, stay cool and fresh there, and have a good time improving your computer skills!

And the alltime best..

Goes to my friend and colleague greenteefreak who became root on my server in the blink of an eye :-D

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