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"Hate destroyed at least two kaers during the Scourge. He also penetrated two others, Coppertail and Menkin Town, but left those intact. To this day, most Barsaive citizens harbor deep suspicions of residents from Coppertail and Menkin Town, assuming that the horror left the kaers alone because of the residents promised hime something better,. No one can guess what they might have promised, and few care to try. Hate appears as a glowing, well-proportioned male human. From the top of his back sprout twelve multi-jointed limbs. As Hate speaks the limbs move, each limb producing grating speech in a different tone. The limbs can extend in front of Hate, and the Horror uses them to strike opponents. When Hate attacks traveling parties, he horribly mutilates some members of the party and leaves others virtually unscathed. Most residents of Barsaive treat survivors of such attacks with even more suspicion than people from Coppertail and Menkin town." -ED rule book page 301

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