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Earthdawn Journal Volume5

Earthdawn Journal Volume 5, Aug/Sep/Oct 1995

Thicker Than Water: A closed kaer holds a hidden danger
On Dinganni Spiritualism: Exploring the depths of Dinganni society
More on Adventure Logs in Earthdawn: A discourse on adventure logs
Nights of Desire: An adventure in the bowels of Kratas
Days of Vengeance: The followup adventure to Night of Desire
Useful Magical Items: More common magic items to blow your money on
Earthdawn Q & A: Lou answers more questions from the readership!
The Windsong: An inn in Bartertown
The Floating Kaer: A legend for Earthdawn
Children of Jaspree: Storm Spirit, Kwaltec, Tonduy, Walking Heads
Reflex Booster: New blood magic
The Songsmith: A new elven Discipline
For Such is the Truth: More new legends

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