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Earthdawn Journal Volume4

Earthdawn Journal Volume 4, May/Jun/Jul 1995

Concerning The Weather of Barsaive: A discourse on the weather (or lack thereof) in Barsaive
Shelter From The Storm: A roadside encounter
Streets of Darkness: Adventuring in Jerris can be, well, interesting...
Combat Mage: A fighting mage Discipline
Earthdawn Q & A: Questions answered about Earthdawn
Children of Jaspree: More creatures to bedevil your players with, including the jidwar, pencarrig, tabri, turfcutter beetle, vofoq, jacoti and ntelok
From Upandal's Forge: A powerful new magic item
Kaer Dol'gar: A lost kaer in the Wastes holds danger
The Oasis: An inviting inn for travelers to Travar
For Such Is The Truth: A new legend for Earthdawn
The Lazy Eye: A sleazy inn for Bartertown patrons

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