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Earthdawn Journal Volume1

Earthdawn Journal Volume One, Aug/Sept/Oct 1994

Dying Words: A brief encounter in a ruined village.
Trouble in Red Dirt: Villagers have been disappearing around the cemetery...
The City of Ardatha: A city on the shores of Lake Ban
Hitting the Books: An expansion for the Research skill
Earthdawn Errata: Various pieces of errata from the Earthdawn rulebook, Companion, and Denizens Vol 1
Children of Jaspree: Several new creatures including the Ufghant, Kygren, Spoogra, and Kyrell
The Complete Works of K'ree Pela'Zai: A short work of fiction
Those that Stalk the Night: More undead including Zombies, Shadowmen, Flickerings, Black Daggers, and the Spirit Wind

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