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JSPWiki v2.2.28
Wiki Variables

Der Unterschied zwischen version 1 und version 1:

JSPWiki has many variables, that can be inserted on pages on-the-fly. See [TextFormattingRules] how it's done.
This is the name of this Wiki. It has been set by the administrator in "". This Wiki is called ''[{$applicationname}]''.
The base URL address for this wiki.
Describes the character encoding used in this Wiki. An encoding of "UTF-8" means that the Wiki accepts any character, including Chinese, Japanese, etc. Encoding "ISO-8859-1" means that only western languages are supported. This wiki uses the ''[{$encoding}]'' encoding.
Lets you know which image types are being inlined.
Writes HTML code for supported InterWiki links.
Inserts the version number of the JSPWiki engine. For example, this version is ''[{$jspwikiversion}]''.
Inserts the amount of time since this Wiki has been last restarted. This wiki has been up for ''[{$uptime}]''.
Inserts the current page name. Example: This page is called ''[{$pagename}]''.
The current PageProvider.
A verbose, HTML description about the currently used page provider.
The total number of pages available in this Wiki.
!Inserting JSPWiki properties
You can also access some of the JSPWiki properties (that have been defined by the site maintainer) by using their property names directly. See [SystemInfo] for an example.
Note that some properties might not be accessible due to security reasons.

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