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System Info

Der Unterschied zwischen version 1 und version 1:

Here are some strategical figures and other interesting things about this particular Wiki. All this information is available in [WikiVariables] as well, if you want to use them on some other page.
| __Application name__ | [{$applicationname}]
| __Base address__ | [{$baseurl}]
| __JSPWiki Engine Version__ | [{$jspwikiversion}]
| __Character Encoding__ | [{$encoding}]
| __Total Number of Pages__ | [{$totalpages}]
| __Current Uptime__ | [{$uptime}]
| __Current Page Provider__ | [{$pageprovider}]\\ \\[{$pageproviderdescription}]
| __Current Attachment Provider__ | [{$attachmentProvider}]\\ \\[{$attachmentProviderDescription}]
| __Available InterWiki links__ | [{$interwikilinks}]
| __Inlined images are__ | [{$inlinedimages}]
| __Additional Plugin Search Path__ | [{$pluginpath}]
| __Do we beautify titles?__ | [{$jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces}]
| __Do we match english plural forms?__ | [{$jspwiki.translatorReader.matchEnglishPlurals}]
| __Are CamelCase links used?__ | [{$jspwiki.translatorReader.camelCaseLinks}]
| __Is HTML allowed on pages?__ | [{$jspwiki.translatorReader.allowHTML}]
| __Do we generate RSS files?__ | [{$jspwiki.rss.generate}]
| __If we do, what's the file name?__ | [{$jspwiki.rss.fileName}]
| __How often is the RSS updated?__ | [{$jspwiki.rss.interval}]
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