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Flood Mandelbrot

Der Unterschied zwischen version 1 und version 1:

[floodMandel.jpg] [{Applet code='FloodMandelbrot' archive='FloodMandelbrot.jar' width='50' height='59'}]

This is a little Java Applet based on a [win32 delphi program|Mandel.exe] I programmed a few years ago. It calculates the famous [mandelbrot set|Google:mandelbrot] in a new way:

* in each iteration step all pixels are calculated parallel

The result is a flood like effect: The inside of the mandelbrot set is like a rotating wave cristallising at the outside, and the outside is flooding in.

This gives the visualisation of the mandelbrot set a new dimension:

* __Time__: You can see the mandelbrot set as an endless dynamic process. You see a difference between the past and the future: the past is fix and can not be changed, but the future is undefined (the wave like inside).
* You can get a feeling for the __infinite undefined inside__ which is far beyound the scope of computability.

A very interesting part of this program is the fact that I could see the difference between Java and Delphi. Java is not so fast as Delphi, but it is nearly as fast. The Java implementation was easier to do, and it uses 64 Bit Floating Point arithmetic (ok, it's sadly not enough, maybe the use of bigdecimal would be a nice try).

! SourceCode

* [|FloodMandelbrotMandelbrotCalculator]
* []


* Make a start / stop - toggle - button, and make the frame closeable.
* Show the most important source part of the mandelbrot calculation
* Explain the use of polar complex math and HSB color space
* Append nice Screenshots and gif animations
* Inline of private methods - are private methods used everywhere possible?

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